5 Questions: Lachy of The Wiggles

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5 Questions: Lachy

5 Questions is series by Steve Duffy –

In his eighth year of wiggling, Lachy has loved writing and co-producing the music with Anthony Field for the wiggly albums. This included Nursery Rhymes, Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas and the new TV series Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, as well as writing and singing on Jimmy Barnes’ new children’s album, Och Aye Gnu.

Lachy is a graduate of WAAPA (The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts). He has played the piano from the age of 4 and loves playing sport, singing, song writing and listening to The Beach Boys greatest hits.

SD: What is a Wiggle?

Lachy: A Wiggle is a coloured shirt wearing, fun loving, smiley faced, all singing, all dancing, Aussie who purpose on stage is to give children and their families an entertaining and education musical and theatrical experience.

SD: What is your favorite part of being a Wiggle?

Lachy: Creating a world that children adore. A musical, colourful world that’s safe, musical, inclusive and fun. I have worn the purple shirt now for seven years now and when you look out at a live show and see the children singing and “wiggling” and the parents watching on with surprise and amazement, it’s the best feeling in the world.

SD: As a role model for children, how does it affect the decisions you make every day?

Lachy: It gives you a direction and I’ve found I live my life like that. Being a Wiggle is Lachy, and I’m lucky to be Lachy Wiggle.

SD: What’s your favorite song to perform?

Lachy: We have a Halloween album and there’s a song on there called “The Skeleton Skat”. It always gets the crowd singing and clapping along and it’s a really fun one to sing.

SD: Favorite part about touring?

Lachy: Meeting the families on the road. The Wiggles in their 28th year have families who have followed the group for years and years, many still come to the show. Fans from way back and new ones alike from all over the world, they are all so happy to sing and dance with us.


For more information on the Wiggles visit, http://thewiggles.com.au/ and to purchase tickets to their show at the Boch Wang theatre on September 5th visit,  www.bochcenter.org

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