Signs of Lynn

Did you die of dysentery on the Lynnway?

If you’re of a certain age, seeing this sign on the Lynnway likely brought back memories of elementary or middle school computer labs, and teachers who thought spending all that time playing Oregon Trail would either teach us something about history or qualify us as computer whizzes. This is mainly because we knew how to put the…

Bank statement

It was hard to see at first because the building is set so far back from Market Street. Who builds this way in a downtown? Anyway, glad that “EASTERN STANDSAGAINST RACISM” on this Earth Day.   [UPDATE] Learned from a reader that this is part of a YWCA campaign –

Dalton’s Shoes Reappears

Renovations on Broad Street have revealed an earlier sign – Dalton Shoes. Previous Signs of Lynn C. Bain Storage Warehouse Lynn LUMBER CO. Atlantic Coast Wholesale Traditional Breads Charlie’s Seafood New Angle Glass (With flashing sign picture) Walsh’s Garage Ocean St. Treasures Hines Ben Peralta Shoes Monte’s and You are Here Au Nid du Doré Ghost…

Secret Poet Strikes LynnHappens Again

Happens-quarters in Central Square received another gift today. Your editor left the contents intact so that someone else may discover the messages. This phenomenon in Lynn has been picked up recently by North Shore Art Throb, the Item, Poets & Writers (National), and CBS Boston/WBZ (story and audio).