Photos from LYSOA’s Casino Night at Old Tyme


Share on Tumblr Lynn Youth Street Outreach Advocacy (LYSOA) had a casino night fundraiser at Old Tyme Italian Saturday night. “LYSOA Inc. is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.  Specifically, this organization has been formed to…

Photos of funny at Walnut Street Cafe


Share on Tumblr Building Community Series’ “Don’t Laugh, I’m Just Trying to be Funny” is a comedy series featuring mostly women. “Although I really enjoy male comics, the comedy world is so saturated with men.” says organizer Tyron Hawkins (aka…

Sidekim Foods celebrates Food Day


Share on Tumblr On October 24th, Sidekim Foods opened its doors at 82 Sanderson Avenue to the public for tastings, cooking demos and educating folks on eating healthy as part of the national initiative, Food Day. Share on Tumblr

Tree Punctures Roof on Maple Street


Share on Tumblr Picture tagged by Nancy DiCesare: Oak tree just can’t even on Maple Street, takes out roof. At least I think that’s an oak. You may send your photos to Be sure to include the photographer’s name,…