Wave Watcher

Photo by Jo Schu

12/8/16 – Today’s astronomical high tide presented us with quite a show. Jo Schu captures it with one photo. Then…     …SMASH

“The Flip Side of Love” opens in LynnArts


2/8/16 – In the LynnArts building of the combined LynnArts/Lynn Museum, a new exhibit opened Saturday that’s the first in a monthly series to feature artists and creative organizations with studios in the building. The artists pulled their names from a hat and the first to exhibit is the artist whose idea it was to…

Alternative Covers at Buchanan


2/7/16 – They’re called Malibu Sands Beach Club, and Friday night they brought the 90’s to today alternative party to the ‘buke. The members are known local musicians Joe Skahan, Jon Morse and Michael Cassetta. Most of the photos in the gallery were processed with VSCO filters to mimic the appearance (grain and all) of…

February 5th, 2016 Snow Photos


A few photos close to LynnHappens headquarters from today. Just a few. You can share your photos by emailing or through LynnHappens on facebook. You can also become part of the LynnHappens Street Team, here.

Surf and Surfers


11/24/16 – Against better advice, surfers take to the waves and photographers risk their cameras along Lynn Shore Drive, each looking for that perfect moment. Thank you to Lucie Harris Photography and Margaret Hensley for sharing photos. Theirs are in color. B&W by LynnHappens. Share your photos any time through the LynnHappens facebook page or…



Photographer Isaac Davila went out to get the sunrise and ended up with a moonset. Follow Isaac Davila Photography on facebook.

New Travel Themed Exhibit Opens at Lynn Museum


1/21/16 From Sea to Sky: Outfitting for Travel An opening reception (as listed in the calendar) was held Thursday at Lynn Museum / LynnArts – in the museum part of the two-building campus – called “From Sea to Sky: Outfitting for Travel.” On view through August 27th. The Lynn Museum‘s new hours are: Tuesdays 3-7PM…

So It Finally Snowed


A few kids were attempting to sled down High Rock Reservation, which is not recommended. The arrangement of shrubs and the nice fence are there to help prevent the potentially very dangerous activity, but given the thin layer of snow, they weren’t exactly flying down the hill. At least they got exercise on the way…