Mayor Serves Drinks at Porthole for Literacy


10-19-16   Mayor Kennedy was behind the bar at the Porthole tonight as part of a fundraiser for a local literacy campaign. A portion of proceeds went to the cause, and raffles were sold, as well. The ultimate goal is to bring 40,000 books to Lynn students and families in need.   Involved in this effort…

Lydia Pinkham Artists Exhibit Downtown


10.18.16 Sunday was the opening reception for Fine Artists of the Lydia Pinkham in the main gallery of the LynnArts Building, part of the Lynn Museum / LynnArts campus downtown. On exhibit through November 15th are works by – Jackie Diehl Rolf Flor Todd Gieg Christine Johnson Jill Madigan Freda Nemirovsky Kathy Speranza Mary Spitzer…

A Few Photos from Pirate Day


10.16.16 Saturday was the 2016 Friends of Lynn Woods Dungeon Rock Pirate’s Day and folks came from all over for a pirate adventure in the woods and to get a glimpse inside the cave known as Dungeon Rock. Curious about the connection between Lynn Woods and pirates? Read about it on the Friends of Lynn…

Fair Shot For All in Central Square

Carla De Lo Santos, Yonerky Santana, Yesenia Reales, Falan De Lo Santos

10.16.16 Volunteers for non-profit Fair Shot For All were out in Central Square Saturday with face painting and music by Julio Bare in an effort to spread their message and recruit volunteers. The 501c3 seeks to raise the minimum wage, fights for equality in the workplace and more – as detailed on their website.

Land of a Thousand Hills is Luke’s Diner For a Day


10.5.16 Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls and fans seem to need the show like some of us need our coffee. Two coffee shops in greater Boston are temporarily Luke’s Diner. One is Land of a Thousand Hills on Munroe Street in downtown Lynn, the other, Cafenation in Brighton. Most sources reported that the the…

Photos from Saturday’s Clock to the Rock 5k


10.4.16 What’s a little rain to runners? What’s a little rain to the ‘Stones? Well, rain cut short a Rolling Stones show at Manning Bowl in 1966, but concert-goers would have none of it, so police decided that tear-gas disperses people better than water. On Saturday, October 1st, 2016 in Central Square, the annual Clock…

A Night at Walnut Street Cafe


9.23.16 The Secret Sea was headlining a night of music at Walnut Street Cafe last Saturday, one of six performers, some from nearby, one from New Hampshire, and the furthest distance traveled was by The Secret Sea, who Matt Minigell met touring the West Coast this summer. The Secret Sea is Portland Oregon resident Amit…

Lydia Pinkham House a National Landmark


9.22.16 On Sunday, September 18th, 2016 people gathered in front of a home on Western Ave. not too far from the *Lydia Pinkham factory. The home is where Lydia Pinkham once lived and where she began making her Vegetable Compound for women. Since 2001, it has been the residence of Karen and Michael Malionek, who have…

‘Off The Grid’ Exhibit Opens at LynnArts


9.20.16 It was a capacity-crowd at LynnArts Saturday night for Off The Grid, a photography exhibit and fundraiser for the Lynn Shelter Association. Over the course of five months, residents of the homeless shelter took photos using loaned cameras and received training from volunteer photographers, such as Isaac Subillaga of Isaac S. Photography, (who is…

Photos from the 2016 World Music Festival


9.19.16 The annual World Music Festival, “Celebrating the Music of the Multicultural North Shore,” was held on Saturday on the waterfront park adjacent to Seaport Landing. This year’s event was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland and labor ‘troubadour’ Joe Hill. LynnHappens was there for Cape Cod African Dance and…