Lynn Blogs: Photos from Culturefest

While your LynnHappens Editor was DJ’ing small sets between acts and fumbling around with sound equipment, Corey Jackson of took amazing pictures, as usual. Here they are He’ll also be photographing today’s Memorial Day Parade. Because I am unable to attend, I’ll provide a link to those as well. Here’s to Lynn bloggers working…

Photos – Cambodian New Year Celebration

The Year of the Tiger waits for no one, but celebrations at Buddhist temple Sanghikaram Wat Khmer were held a week later on sunny Saturday, April 24th due to rain. Lynn blogger Tom Sheehan has the story and his own photos over on Lynn-side Edition. Happy 2554! Local coupons from Money Mailer!

DTL at Night – Los Retros at Turbine

April 23, 2010 by Seth Albaum Los Retros is a side project of Dave Mangione and Randy Hopkins of The Vic Morrows Band (link to FB page), a group that has been together since 1995 playing original retro-alternative hard rock with a strong surf influence. Friday night at Turbine, they were also joined by The…

Sunday in the Snow

– Let’s celebrate the first respectable snow storm of the season with a series of photos. You can share your own (with photo credit, of course) by sending them into to LH using the email address provided here or through LynnHappens on Facebook. Local coupons from Money Mailer!