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Devin Woolridge makes a Beyoncé video

Devin Woolridge is a Lynn resident and dance instructor for Everett based Phunk Phenomenon. He shares a video he choreographed. The dancers are his students, Nia Pires, Jazmin Johnson and Savannah Kimber. The videographer is Franco Valverde. The song is 7/11 by Beyoncé.

City Council 3-10-15


City Council video from March 10, 2015 Council and Committee agendas from 3-10-15 (in PDF) The second clip starts the “Public Hearing on an Ordinance to Establish a Bill of Rights for Homeowners in the City of Lynn,” sometimes referred to as the Foreclosure Ordinance. It concludes with a vote to keep Section 14 at the…

Lynn + Essex County Images and Time-lapses


These are all from Sunday, February 15th, 2015 Here is a Central Square time-lapse from 1:15am to 8:15am accompanied by Open Sea Morning by Puddle of Infinity. (complimentary of youtube’s canned music) Later that afternoon, I went on a drive through parts of Essex County. I started in downtown Lynn, went over the causeway to…

Snow photos and time lapses!


Thank you to everyone who submitted photos this round. You can find the names of the photographers and any related details underneath the enlarged photos when you click on the thumbnails. Putting our pictures together to share with everyone whenever the weather gets a bit crazy has become a Lynn tradition.   I’d like to…

Driving around Lynn this afternoon (time-lapse)


I took the car out this afternoon with the idea of getting some pictures. I ended up helping a stuck BMW with someone in the Highlands, stopping by Gannon, passing Lynn Fire digging out hydrants and more. First, here’s two of your photos shared on the fb page today:         Isaac Davila…