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Video over Red Rock


Mike Barry took Norbert to the park today –   More photos and videos by Mike Barry can be found on LynnHappens and on his website. Here’s a few stills from the video:      

A glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence in Central Square


Central Square and surrounding streets were restricted to traffic and parking for a brief while this morning to film a short scene for a film with the working titles Joy and Kay’s Baptism. This photo was taken approximately 7:15am as the crew got their caffeine fix at Cafe Moka. Jennifer Lawrence would later arrive to…

Devin Woolridge makes a Beyoncé video

Devin Woolridge is a Lynn resident and dance instructor for Everett based Phunk Phenomenon. He shares a video he choreographed. The dancers are his students, Nia Pires, Jazmin Johnson and Savannah Kimber. The videographer is Franco Valverde. The song is 7/11 by Beyoncé.

City Council 3-10-15


City Council video from March 10, 2015 Council and Committee agendas from 3-10-15 (in PDF) The second clip starts the “Public Hearing on an Ordinance to Establish a Bill of Rights for Homeowners in the City of Lynn,” sometimes referred to as the Foreclosure Ordinance. It concludes with a vote to keep Section 14 at the…