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City Council 5-3-16


City Council video from May 3rd, 2016. The second clip contains the discussion and vote on the Lynn Woods conservation restriction. Council and Committee agendas from 5-3-16 (in PDF)

Khmer New Year Community Fair 2016/2560


5/1/16 – The annual Khmer New Year Celebration happened on the Common yesterday with music, food, dance, awards, games and more to welcome in the Year of the Monkey, B.E. 2560/C.E. 2016. In case you missed it, the sights and sounds have been beautifully captured by Anne Jones Principe. Be sure to check out Principe’s…

City Council 4-5-16


First, St. Mary’s Spartans Basketball is honored for winning the MIAA Division 4 State Championship by Mayor Kennedy and the City Council. Council and Committee agendas from 4-5-16 (in PDF)

Video: Community Forum on Parks & Public Space


3/30/16 – The Lynn Office of Economic and Community Development and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) hosted a community forum at the Lynn Police Station Tuesday seeking input to incorporate into a new Open Space and Recreation Plan. View the current plan, last updated 2005. (opens in new tab) The complete forum (in two…

Meeting at NSCC for Working Cities Challenge Grant


On March 24th, Lynn residents were invited to share their thoughts on how to improve life for residents in Lynn at a forum hosted by North Shore Community College and the city. Here is the video – and here is the post that told folks it was going to happen, with more information on the…

Rogue Butterfly Sings “Freedom”

Rogue Butterfly was one of many who performed a set at Wreck Shop’s monthly night at Cafe Moka in Central Square, Lynn. Every second Thursday, Wreck Shop has a showcase of spoken word, poetry, song and visual art from 7:30-11:30pm.

For the geeks out there like me, I used a Sony a7II mirrorless full-frame camera with an adapter to fit a 1956 Jupiter-3 rangefinder lens made in the former Soviet Union. No autofocus, here. Shallow depth of field (Why she moves out of focus a bit). Absolutely no color correction applied to video – just transcoded and uploaded. Camera’s built in mics are okay…