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Lydia Pinkham House a National Landmark


9.22.16 On Sunday, September 18th, 2016 people gathered in front of a home on Western Ave. not too far from the *Lydia Pinkham factory. The home is where Lydia Pinkham once lived and where she began making her Vegetable Compound for women. Since 2001, it has been the residence of Karen and Michael Malionek, who have…

Pickering Middle School Forum Video


Wednesday, September 14th was the second public forum to discuss possible sites for a new Pickering Middle School. Last night’s was well attended, at least by comparison with the first forum. Some last night voiced complaints that the first forum was not well publicized. (LynnHappens heard about the first forum when it was too late to change plans to be there.)

It was held at the New Marshall Middle school. Teachers and staff were on hand to lead tours after the forum, though due to the forum’s duration, few left the cafetorium to take them up on the offer.


Note: There are times when participants did not use a microphone. When at a public forum, regardless of how well you can be heard by folks in the room, always use a mic if you want to be heard by folks watching it later.

Lynn Out Loud 2016: DiverseCity


If you missed Lynn Out Loud at St. Michael’s Hall last week, you can watch it here!

Lynn Out Loud (LOL) is a peace performance showcase to promote positive talent within the youth in our community. This year’s theme “DiverseCITY” celebrates the many cultures, experiences, struggles, achievements, and dreams that our city embodies. The showcase is presented by Kaya and the Lynn YMCA, with the City of Lynn.

It’s possible that youtube may flag these videos for copyright infringement due to music used in the performance.

Neighborhood Meeting Downtown


On Thursday, July 14th 2016 downtown resident Mike Crounse organized a community meeting. The agenda is below the videos. Ward 5 Councilor Dianna Chakoutis was there along with Councilor-at-Large Brian LaPierre. Lisa Nerich was present from the DPW, Bob Stilian from the Parking Department, Clint Muche from ISD, as well as representatives from the Lynn…

Sessions 1 and 2 of New Music in the Square


The second summer of the LynnHappens produced New Music in the Square started with Wreck Shop Movement and Treading Water on June 29th, followed by Joe Skahan and *This Day in History July 6th. Thanks to Isaac S. Photography, we have plenty of photos and videos of the first two sessions to share. (The videos are…