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Fortucci Hearing Part 3, The Conclusion

The following clips make up the final night of hearings on whether Richard Fortucci should remain CFO or have responsibilities reduced to Treasurer. In the end, the vote was 11-0 in his favor, but knowing the ending won’t spoil the testimony. Separated clips were not joined in order to speed up the process of posting…

Council Meeting and Fortucci Hearing, Part 2

The first clip is of the regular City Council Agenda for February 15th, 2011. Following that, is the second night of the Fortucci hearing, continued from February 8th. It’s divided into separate clips, but there in its entirety. Part three of the hearing will take place tonight, February 16th, 7pm, in the Council Chambers. Local…

City Council Fortucci Hearing 2-8-11

The following clips are of the Special City Council Hearing on CFO Richard Fortucci held on February 8th, 2011. Not making it through the entire list of charges/complaints, the hearing is scheduled to continue as a portion of the regular City Council agenda for Tuesday, February 15th, 2011. The camera recording quality was adjusted lower…

City Council 1-11-11

City Council Video from January 11, 2011. This meeting had to be processed in two clips, but it is there in its entirety. They split at “Two minute recess.” A brief commercial may play the first time it’s started. For the agenda of this meeting and others, see Public Notices. Local coupons from Money Mailer!