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Videos by Jeff Photography

You’ve probably seen Jeff and his video camera at the Meet Me Downtown Festival of the Arts or as recently as Arts After Hours. Jeff Photography is located in the heart of the action, in Lynn’s Central Square. Jeff has been kind enough to document and share with the LynnHappens audience, events over the course…

Board of Appeals hearing on waterfront turbine

The special City Council meeting being short, LynnHappens had the time to head downstairs to catch the Board of Appeals hearing on a wind turbine that will be placed on Lynn Water & Sewer Commission property. Recent zoning changes for waterfront redevelopment plans made the variance necessary.

City Council 9-21-10

This brief special meeting of the City Council puts the schools in a position to benefit from green building assistance. Mics were not used. Audio was boosted to compensate, also bringing up room noise.

School Committee Budget Hearing and Meeting 8-31-10

There are two videos here. The first is the public hearing on the budget, and the second is a regular School Committee meeting that includes budget discussion and a five to two vote of approval. The lecture hall at the Breed Middle School had a buzz, probably from lighting ballasts, that can not be removed…

City Council 8-10-10

City Council Video from August 10th, 2010 There may be a brief commercial in the beginning. The noise you hear in the background is a fan. It is turned down later in the meeting as the Council Chamber cools.