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City Council 2-23-10

The City Council video from 2-23-10 is preceded by two committee meetings. The first, is the Ordinance Committee public hearing on a nuisance tenant law, which was approved by the committee and later tabled by the full Council. In the second, the Waterfront Committee discusses the moving of the power lines with James Cowdell of…

City Council 1-26-10

City Council Video from 1-26-10. The West Lynn Rams receive trophies and a $1,000 check from the Lynn Lions. There may be a brief commercial the first time the video is played. Local coupons from Money Mailer!

City Council 12-15-09

– City Council Video from 12-15-09 You will notice some advertising , either as pre-roll or at the bottom of the video. It is an experiment in trying to recoup some of the costs of bringing these meetings and other content to our readers on a regular basis. If they do not bring in enough…