Live Lynn Cams

Welcome to the Central Square Live Cam. It’s live periodically, and especially when there’s a major weather event. A brief ad may play before you see the live stream.

See something noteworthy? Mention it in the comments!

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Live broadcasting by Ustream

  • mediaseth

    I just put it back on – but I may have to take it down later to reclaim some computing power for processing other video. I always have it on for major weather events. For a while I had it on for weeks at a time, but it seemed few were clicking to watch.

  • Guest

    always is offair :(

  • CrystalMoon


    Thanks for doing a great job with keeping this cam going.
    It really is very useful to watch and fun too! As I am not out in that weather :-) Lynn Square looks pretty good also with the lamposts and clock !!!

    I have friends overseas that also can see and watch my weather in “real” time:-)

    Thanks again,
    Keep safe…. Peace out….

  • mediaseth

    My apologies. I had not realized the camera dropped its connection. The service doesn’t issue an alert when this happens. It’s live, now.


    why go off air during a storm? *shrug*

  • mediaseth

    Going to clean the snow off the central sq cam!

  • mediaseth

    I hope the people I keep seeing on the platform are using it for a short cut and not expecting a train.

  • Crofton

    At 2:05 somebody was going up the street in a wheelchair. A white SUV type vehicle stopped and picked them up. A good samaritan?

  • LadyLiberty2011

    Thanks for the snow cam! I can keep my shades drawn to keep the cold out and just keep this window open to watch the storm. :)

  • mediaseth

    Lots of people getting off those trains, getting home early. There just may be a few spaces on the North side, now.

  • mediaseth

    Good advice!


    If you intend to park at the Central Square parking garage, at 11:30 Lynn residents were jammed into the North Side when the South Side of the garage was wide open. It happens every year, folks, Stop killing yourself, cross over to the South Side and you won’t have to wedge yourself into a space that you should be attempting to fit in. Stay warm… blessings…