Blue Room Sessions Open Mic Featuring Alicia Churchill

August 14, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
White Rose Coffeehouse
56 Central Square
Lynn, MA 01901
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Alicia Churchill features at  Blue Room Sessions spoken word and musical open mic

I don’t care much for fishing, but I love to stand in the ocean
wearing fishing waders.

My favorite dangerous walk is on Arthur’s Seat – a crazy hallucination of a mountain right outside Edinburgh.

I can speak a little French, a little Spanish, some Portuguese,
some Italian, and a few words of Yoruba. Mostly it is just so I can get my hands on coffee no matter what. It is also very
helpful to be able to call somebody a distinguishing species of
asshole when necessary.

When I was six I was almost killed by a green mamba, a street riot,
a communist take-over, teenage cops with AK-47s, a burning car, and a flipped over bus, all in less than nine days.

My grandmothers both wanted me to be a debutante. They also wanted me to play tennis, love opera, collect Faberge eggs, and marry a blond preppy banker. They were relentlessly disappointed.

Nothing pisses me off more than somebody parking in my space, 
literally and metaphorically.

I believe in multiple Gods and Goddesses and I am fine with the 
Greek version, the Yoruba version, and any other culture that covers all the important archetypes.

Just don’t mess with Kali, whatever you call her.

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