Live Scanners

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It’s not unusual to have periods of silence on these channels, but please report any problems with the feeds.


Click the patch to listen to Lynn Fire.






Click the patch to listen to Massachusetts State Police, Eastern Division. (Patrol area includes Boston, Middlesex and Essex Counties)





Click the patch to listen to Lynn Police.




  • mediaseth

    The hum you’re hearing should be well underneath the signal level, but of course it’s more apparent during radio silence. I have a filter on to reduce it, but I can’t seem to eliminate it. My scanner is in a high EMI/RFI environment, and it’s a budget model with a wallwart power supply. Hey, if someone wants to sponsor a better one…:)

  • shop kwik

    whats that sound?… its like when you have speakers near a tv… but everywhere

  • mediaseth

    I’d really like to. I provide the radio for the Lynn Police stream, but others are providing State and Fire. I looked for someone providing a web stream of marine frequencies and could not find anything – but that was when I was setting this up. Please send any links and I’ll see if I can get permission to add them here.

    In order to provide another stream, myself, I’ll need some more hardware, which is $$. I’ll accept sponsorships, though!:)

  • Laura Ippi Ippoliti

    Since we are on the coast + also have so many ponds it would be nice to have a patch for the Marine or Coastguard.
    Thanks, Ippi from Ippi’s Bait & Tackle Shop

  • Anonymous

    Kerri, here’s a list of all Essex county – There’s a bunch of freq. for Lynn Police, Fire etc. Too many to list here :)

  • Kerri Powers

    do you know the #s that you program in a scanner?

  • Anonymous

    LPD scanner was offline for a short while this afternoon but it’s good now. “Somebody” knocked a plug out. (ahem)

  • Anonymous

    Solved low volume issue with LPD stream.

  • Anonymous

    Audio on LPD will be low, but at least it’s clear again. The scanner output needs to be louder, but it’s as loud as it can go. I will look for a pre-amp to stick between the device and the pc – one that costs less than the other option, a new scanner.

  • Anonymous

    LPD changed from mxlr to RadioReference as well. Always come here and click the badges to listen, because services may have to change or links may update.