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Posted 6/9/15 Jimmy DiCarlo shared this photo to the facebook page “Only in Lynn” today. Reposted with permission. Riding in comfort and style at Boston Street and Broadway.

Don’t get your hopes up

Kmart is not opening a location on Boston Street. Dawn Marie sends this photo saying it’s part of a movie set. Anyone know which movie? A Planet Fitness is slated to open in the former Foodmaster space. (The title of this post is an example of sarcasm.)

City Council meets with WM to discuss trash contract, collection

The City Council met twice on Tuesday. First, to discuss a new contract proposal with Waste Management that includes a new form of automatic trash collection and provides receptacles, and secondly to accept ownership of new traffic signals on Boston Street as part of the new pharmacy deal with Tropic Star Development. Council and Committee…

Alley Problem on Boston Street

Donny Brewster lives on Boston Street between Moulton and Cedar. Adjacent to his home is an alley, supposedly owned by the city.  He says, “We clean it up [because] there are a —-load of rats. We found a nest with three dead in it.” Contributing to the problem are neighbors next door, who he alleges…