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Line at the Central Square Farmer’s Market

There was a line to get in as the Food Project‘s Central Square Farmer’s Market opened today at 11:00am. Phone photo from 11:07am. The Farmer’s Market in Central Square is every Thursday from 11am to 3pm (sometimes vendors hang around longer.) There are also West Lynn markets 2pm to 4pm on Wednesdays.

Spring Community Cleaning in Lynn

4/28/18 There were cleanups and other green activities throughout Lynn today. If anyone has photos they’d like to contribute to this post from their cleanup, please send them to editor@lynnhappens.com. Some folks were at the Warren Park Build-Out organized by Lynn Community Gardens building raised beds and filling them with composting. Other folks were volunteering…

Farmer’s Market Season Has Begun

7/13/17 The Food Project Farmer’s Markets got going this week, Wednesday in West Lynn by the Community Path on Western Ave. (next to Celley’s, McCarthy Glass), and today in Central Square. The West Lynn Market is new this year and runs 2pm to 6pm. Check the listings in the Happens Calendar. The Central Square Market…