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Farmer’s Market Season Has Begun

7/13/17 The Food Project Farmer’s Markets got going this week, Wednesday in West Lynn by the Community Path on Western Ave. (next to Celley’s, McCarthy Glass), and today in Central Square. The West Lynn Market is new this year and runs 2pm to 6pm. Check the listings in the Happens Calendar. The Central Square Market…

UPDATE: Parking Ban Now Starts 3pm – Nope, it’s Noon Again


[4:09pm] So, this is what happened. Briefly today, the official city website changed its information to reflect a 3pm parking ban. The Item shared the change on its facebook page, but not its website. Here on LynnHappens, we went full-throttle with this post and an aggressive social media share.

If you can’t trust cityoflynn.net, well, what can you trust? Well, the city website was changed back to the original 12pm, and we the local press were left feeling a little bit confused, to say the least. For proof, we were able to source a screenshot from a reader who had the foresight, for whatever reason, to grab one:

Originally scheduled to begin at noon today, the snow emergency parking ban has been pushed back to 3pm per Mayor Kennedy’s facebook page and cityoflynn.net  — nope — the Item’s facebook page.

You can now rejoice – maybe – in having a little more time to move your cars to a *school lot, the MBTA garage, or a generous friend’s driveway. The Ellis Street city lot is also available.

*All school lots will be open except for Aborn, Fallon and Sewell-Anderson. Don’t park at those.

Also, be prepared for the possibility of waking up early, as all cars must be removed from school lots by 6am after the ban is lifted (we do not yet know when the ban will end). This is absolutely necessary so school lots can be cleared and ready for Monday.

Trash – delayed one day(?).

Central Square Cam – BACK! 


Fair Shot For All in Central Square

10.16.16 Volunteers for non-profit Fair Shot For All were out in Central Square Saturday with face painting and music by Julio Bare in an effort to spread their message and recruit volunteers. The 501c3 seeks to raise the minimum wage, fights for equality in the workplace and more – as detailed on their website.

Filming to take place on Verona St. and in Central Square

9.19.16 There are two film productions in Lynn that have filed notices to alert the effected communities. On Thursday, September 22nd, Verona Street from Euclid Ave. to Verona St. Ext. will become Detroit for an upcoming Kathryn Bigelow movie. The Verona Street scene will include interior and exterior shoots and will require the closing of…

Photos from Session 8 of New Music in the Square

Before we get to the photos, let’s talk about the upcoming show, #9 Bring a blanket or chair Wednesday, August 31st and enjoy original Latin music from Plena Omenaje. There is just one act this Wednesday, and it starts 5:30pm. September 7th, we have Tim Foley & Sergio Bellotti / The Cosmic Vultures, who were originally scheduled for…

Photos from Session 7 of New Music in the Square

8.22.16 Before we get to the photos, let’s talk about the upcoming show, #8 Bring a blanket or chair Wednesday, August 24 and enjoy original music from Fourshadow at 5:30pm and Guns of Brighton at 6:30pm. This lineup of local pop/punk was so successful last season, we’re bringing it back. New Music in the Square is LynnHappens’…