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City Council & Committee of the Whole 6-27-17

Lynn City Council video from June 27, 2017 courtesy of Lynn Community Television

This includes the public hearing on the new trash fee:

Public Hearings:
Proposed Ordinance Amending the Ordinance Establishing Regulations Relative to the Storage, Disposal and Maintenance of Residential and Commercial Refuse Containers and Property Within the City of Lynn

FY’2018 City of Lynn Budget”

…for more info and other agendas, visit the City Council page of the City of Lynn website

June 20th is now Estelle Day

A community event in Lynn is not complete without an appearance by Estelle Revelotis, who manages to attend more things than most local politicians. Revelotis was recently recognized by Mayor Kennedy and the City Council for her community involvement. Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy presented a city citation to Estelle Revelotis which read: In recognition of…