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Public Hearing on Combined Sewer Overflows Monday

Below this letter sent to area residents are photos shared by Ward 6 Councilor Peter Capano of flooded West Lynn streets taken just last night. Opinions on doing the work to separate sewer and storm drains vary. However, the EPA requires it. Feel free to share your opinion below or send a long-form letter to…

Letter from Ward 6 Councilor Capano on Mediation Program

Time to move forward with foreclosure mediation program By Peter Capano, Ward 6 Councillor The Item’s Editorial Board raises a number of questions about Lynn’s foreclosure ordinance (Link to editorial, 3/10/14). Some additional context makes clear why the City Council unanimously decided to approve this law. First, the idea that the foreclosure ordinance is redundant…

Saugus River Swells

Ward 6 Councilor Peter Capano sends a couple of phone snaps of the Saugus River overflowing its banks onto Canal Street.   See the rest of the storm photos here.