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Munroe Street Flooded – again

Yanga Lennyalvarezguity, who reported on Munroe Street flooding the last time it happened, is back with another a video. Here’s another from Peter Cipriano: Photos by Steve Mahoney: Photo by Peter Cipriano: Flood-prone parts of west Lynn are also to be avoided. That goes without saying… Local coupons from Money Mailer!

Beyond Walls 2018’s First Mural

French artist Eltono came in early to be able to work with kids from Raw Art Works. Eltono spent the last decade in Madrid, worked in Beijing four years and resides in southern France. He has worked in 90 cities and has shown in galleries included the Tate Modern, the Somerset House, Fundacion Miro and…

The Old Smuggler’s Cove Building is No More

Noticed this morning that only the foundation was left, but was unable to stop for a photo. Your LynnHappens editor was hoping the facade could be saved and incorporated into a new structure. It’s a shame it was let go to the point where it had to come down. Lately, the property has been a…

Downtown Lynn at Night Time Lapse

Photographer Isaac S @d1224m takes us on a time lapse tour of downtown Lynn at night, making trips through the Beyond Walls underpass lighting and one to see High Rock Tower’s light show, installed by Centerboard and Retonica Lighting:


Local coupons from Money Mailer!

WGBH: “Transit Oriented Development Comes To Lynn”

6/1/18 Story followed by a note from your LynnHappens editor – WGBH’s lastest story on Lynn, by Bob Seay, focuses on renewed efforts for transit oriented development in the city. READ AND LISTEN, HERE “A recent study Forman did of gateway cities, usually former industrial centers, found Lynn to have the greatest potential for housing…