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Get Rid of Things the Right Way, Saturday is Dumpster Day

Dumpster Day in Lynn is Saturday, July 14, from 7am to 2pm. Please see the flyer below for complete details. Illegal dumping is litter, it’s inconsiderate, and your tax money still has to pay to remove it from streets and sidewalks. Dumping on some else’s private property is also really awful. Just don’t. /end rant…

Coastal Flood Warning!

3/1/18 This announcement was issued by the city earlier today – Important Weather Related Announcement: The National Weather Service is increasingly confident that southern New England will be significantly impacted by astronomically high tides along with a strong/long duration coastal storm starting Thursday night and continuing through Saturday, which will bring moderate to major –…

Parking. Schools. Trash. All-in-one update from City Hall!

1/3/18 We posted the news earlier, but here’s the information in much more detail, including trash pickup delays. Keep in mind, trash is already behind in areas of Lynn due to cold-related issues with Waste Management’s trucks. As of 4:30pm, there was a line of cars waiting to park for the storm in the MBTA…

Well, We Had Some Weather

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