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Get Rid of Things the Right Way, Saturday is Dumpster Day

Dumpster Day in Lynn is Saturday, July 14, from 7am to 2pm. Please see the flyer below for complete details. Illegal dumping is litter, it’s inconsiderate, and your tax money still has to pay to remove it from streets and sidewalks. Dumping on some else’s private property is also really awful. Just don’t. /end rant…

Residents Take Part in Dumpster Day

Saturday was Dumpster Day. The next one will be in October, but contact the Lynn DPW for information on other ways to legitimately get rid of unwanted items if October is too long to wait. Local coupons from Money Mailer!

July 16th is Dumpster Day

Please read the flyers below from the DPW regarding the upcoming Dumpster Day and other handy information for getting rid of stuff. Click the first flyer to view it larger. Local coupons from Money Mailer!

Dumpster Day and Yard Waste collection info

Dumpster Day is Saturday, May 2nd – It’s a little hard to read, so here’s the text: DROP OFF: Department of Public Works, 250 Commercial Street DATE: Saturday May 2, 2015 – 7 AM to 2 PM NO PAINT – NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS – NO BUILDING CONTRACTORS – NO CONSTRUCTION WASTE TV / CRT DROP OFF…

Saturday, September 22 is Dumpster Day!

It’s a great way to get rid of that old CRT television, among other things – just no wood this time. The state put the kabosh on that. A week’s notice should be enough time to go through the attic/basement/garage, etc. Local coupons from Money Mailer!