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It’s not just West Lynn

More photos from Ruben Holguin show us construction debris by Rockaway and serious ponding on Chestnut street. (Bobcat) Goldthwait Street is bad, too. According to Tia Cole, it’s always bad. Video via Kelsey Brogley on FB.

Munroe Street Flooded – again

Yanga Lennyalvarezguity, who reported on Munroe Street flooding the last time it happened, is back with another a video. Here’s another from Peter Cipriano: Photos by Steve Mahoney: Photo by Peter Cipriano: Flood-prone parts of west Lynn are also to be avoided. That goes without saying…

Lynners Help Clean After Flood

11:40 AM Saturday morning, Juan Gonzalez of Without Borders Magazine and Global Embassy of Activists for Peace  issued an alert on social media asking folks to help remove trash and debris from flooding downtown. He was joined by neighbors, daughter Dulce, and son Christian. Dulce Gonzalez sends these photos from Munroe Street:   Here’s an…