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The Force Awakens at Goldfish Pond

On Friday July 15th at Lafayette Park, more commonly called Goldfish Pond Park, Mayor Kennedy, Lynn DPW/Parks & Rec., Community Development and the Goldfish Pond Association sponsored a free family movie night with Star Wars, The Force Awakens.  

At the Goldfish Pond Fun n’ Flea Today

9/12/15 If you see this in time, it goes until 3pm today! Every fall the Goldfish Pond Association holds a flea market that includes food, activities for kids, raffles and more to raise money for their flower plantings and upkeep of the park. Today is their 35th! Before you go scrolling down the pictures, you…

Over Briarcliff, Wyoma LL & way above Goldfish Pond

Norbert’s had a busy day. He flew above *Briarcliff, Wyoma Little League field and Goldfish Pond. More photos and videos by Mike Barry can be found on LynnHappens and on his website. *They could put “Pondview” sings up all over the building and it won’t stop people from calling it Briarcliff. The reason for that…

Goldfish Pond Overflows

Julia Greene emails these photos: The heart-shaped pond could no longer contain itself. You may send your flood photos to editor@lynnhappens.com. Be sure to include the photographer’s name, names  – if people are in the photo, and at least approximate location.