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Pickering Middle School Forum Video


Wednesday, September 14th was the second public forum to discuss possible sites for a new Pickering Middle School. Last night’s was well attended, at least by comparison with the first forum. Some last night voiced complaints that the first forum was not well publicized. (LynnHappens heard about the first forum when it was too late to change plans to be there.)

It was held at the New Marshall Middle school. Teachers and staff were on hand to lead tours after the forum, though due to the forum’s duration, few left the cafetorium to take them up on the offer.


Note: There are times when participants did not use a microphone. When at a public forum, regardless of how well you can be heard by folks in the room, always use a mic if you want to be heard by folks watching it later.

Public School Art Shows Open Downtown

  The All-city Lynn Public School Art show opened in both LynnArts front galleries and runs through June 7. More on that, here. Drewicz Elementary School 5th grader Adriana Mirabal, with teacher Joan Ortu, wears a piece inspired by Nick Cave’s Sound Suits.   A United Way Funded Marshall Middle School show opened at visionspace,…