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LynnHappens is Back

3/27/17 TL;DR version: We were hacked. Now, we’re back. From the Editor – Things were going swimmingly, and then while on break during a photography gig Saturday I noticed LynnHappens was blocked by the firewall of the venue’s WiFi network for being, “Malicious.” (I didn’t think we were mean…) This happened once before, in October-November…

Lynn City Council 1-10-17

Lynn City Council video from January 10th, 2017 courtesy of Lynn Community Television

State Representative and At-Large Councilor Dan Cahill steps down as City Council President. Ward 3 Councilor Darren Cyr was voted the new President, with At-Large Buzzy Barton taking the Vice-President role. Watch it happen in the video.

City Council 12-15-15

City Council video from December 15, 2015

Council and Committee agendas from 12-15-15 (in PDF)

This being the last City Council meeting of 2015, special goodbyes were said to outgoing Ward 7 Councilor Rick Ford and State Rep/outgoing At-Large Councilor Brendan Crighton. See the agenda for the rest.