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Parking Ban in Effect 3pm *Two Hour Delayed Opening

Get your cars off the streets by 3pm and into available city lots, the MBTA garage, or available school lots. *[UPDATE] Two hour delayed opening tomorrow to clean the school parking lots. From the City of Lynn – A Snow Emergency Parking ban and will go into effect starting at 3:00 PM, Tuesday, February 12,…

Storm Update!

3/12/18 1:54pm Lynn Public Schools Closed Parking Ban 9pm Trash and recycling delayed at least one day (no pickup Tuesday) City Council cancelled Tuesday Market Basket probably a madhouse

UPDATE: Parking Ban Now Starts 3pm – Nope, it’s Noon Again


[4:09pm] So, this is what happened. Briefly today, the official city website changed its information to reflect a 3pm parking ban. The Item shared the change on its facebook page, but not its website. Here on LynnHappens, we went full-throttle with this post and an aggressive social media share.

If you can’t trust cityoflynn.net, well, what can you trust? Well, the city website was changed back to the original 12pm, and we the local press were left feeling a little bit confused, to say the least. For proof, we were able to source a screenshot from a reader who had the foresight, for whatever reason, to grab one:

Originally scheduled to begin at noon today, the snow emergency parking ban has been pushed back to 3pm per Mayor Kennedy’s facebook page and cityoflynn.net  — nope — the Item’s facebook page.

You can now rejoice – maybe – in having a little more time to move your cars to a *school lot, the MBTA garage, or a generous friend’s driveway. The Ellis Street city lot is also available.

*All school lots will be open except for Aborn, Fallon and Sewell-Anderson. Don’t park at those.

Also, be prepared for the possibility of waking up early, as all cars must be removed from school lots by 6am after the ban is lifted (we do not yet know when the ban will end). This is absolutely necessary so school lots can be cleared and ready for Monday.

Trash – delayed one day(?).

Central Square Cam – BACK! 


Message in a snowbank

We’re now using snowbanks to communicate. Thanks to Cassandra Delgado for sending in this photo from the curve of Essex Street as it heads downhill towards the courthouse. Also, don’t even think about parking there.  

One-sided parking begins 11am

Lynn to Implement One-Sided Parking You’ll be able to park in the street starting 11am, one side only. From the Mayor’s office – Due to the record amount of snowfall this winter, the City of Lynn will be implementing one-sided street parking. The rule, which pertains only to streets that offer parking on both sides,…

Downtown parking lots reopening

Originally scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning, you can begin parking in the Andrew Street lot immediately and the Buffum Street lot will reopen 8pm tonight – with lines freshly painted. Thanks to Councilor Chakoutis for the update.