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Video: Community Forum on Parks & Public Space

3/30/16 – The Lynn Office of Economic and Community Development and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) hosted a community forum at the Lynn Police Station Tuesday seeking input to incorporate into a new Open Space and Recreation Plan. View the current plan, last updated 2005. (opens in new tab) The complete forum (in two…

Photos from Dungeon Rock Pirate Day 2015

Saturday was the annual Dungeon Rock Pirate Day in Lynn Woods, attracting hundreds of people from Lynn and surrounding areas for a kid-friendly pirate adventure. According to Ranger Dan Small, about 800 RSVP’d this year. The event is organized by Lynn Woods Reservation and Lynn Parks & Recreation, a division of the DPW.

For kids in 7 week program only

This poster was mistakenly shared on the Lynn Parks & Recreation facebook page when it was meant for kids in the city’s 7 Week Summer Program only. This post has been updated in such a way to hopefully grab attention from those who otherwise would have shown up expecting something quite different. In LynnHappens’ defense,…