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The Old Smuggler’s Cove Building is No More

Noticed this morning that only the foundation was left, but was unable to stop for a photo. Your LynnHappens editor was hoping the facade could be saved and incorporated into a new structure. It’s a shame it was let go to the point where it had to come down. Lately, the property has been a…

Flax Pond to Nahant

6/17/17 It’s not often you can see Nahant from Wyoma Square. To do so, you have to go up. From Irish Se7en Photography, taken with a drone yesterday, apparently before all the rain.   Follow Irish Se7en Photography on facebook for more.

Sunset on the Waterfront, Open Space Plan at City Hall

5/2/17 Tonight while the waterfront discussion was happening, BlackKat Photography was at the waterfront photographing:   Tonight, they discussed the Lynn Waterfront Open Space Master Plan, the first in a series of public hearings on the matter, at City Hall. (Video forthcoming by Lynn Community Television.) There will be more access to enjoy such sunsets,…

A New Old Sign

That’s not a new shoe store coming to the Prime Building, it’s part of something else. More on that later, but couldn’t resist resurrecting the old Signs of Lynn for a beautiful piece of neon mid-restoration. By the way, more are coming. If you spot one, share it with #beyondwallslynn #beyondwalls and to contribute so…


A balanced camera records a balanced bicyclist on Lynn Shore Drive this morning. Photo courtesy of Al Quint. Thanks! It should go without saying, but attempting what you see in the photo is not recommended.

Lynn Beach Lightning

6/7/16 – Shawn Negri of BlackKat Photography¬†captured lightning from tonight’s storm at Lynn Beach. LynnHappens does not recommend standing in the middle of a lightning storm.