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Photos: ECCO Juneteenth March for Racial Justice

6/20/17 Essex County Community Organization – ECCO – organized a march Monday for Juneteenth, calling for racial justice on the anniversary of the end of slavery. Marchers met at Zion Baptist Church (about to celebrate 115 years) and walked to Red Rock Park, where they held a rally, and then to the First Church in…

Photos of MaryBeth Maes Band at Red Rock Park

The MaryBeth Maes Band played classic rock favorites Thursday, August 4th 2016 as part of the Friends of Lynn & Nahant Beach summer concert series at Red Rock. White Lightnin’ plays Thursday, August 11th, and Lexington Street Band plays August 18th. Here’s a few photos taken with an antique lens, hence the imperfect and vintage…

Surf and Surfers

11/24/16 – Against better advice, surfers take to the waves and photographers risk their cameras along Lynn Shore Drive, each looking for that perfect moment. Thank you to Lucie Harris Photography and Margaret Hensley for sharing photos. Theirs are in color. B&W by LynnHappens. Share your photos any time through the LynnHappens facebook page or…

Anyone else see this powered ‘chute?

Posted 6/7/15 Saturday was certainly a nice day for this sort of activity. A powered parachute-type-thing flew by the Relay for Life. If you know about these things, please chime in below. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my zoom. I was there to shoot the Relay at ground level.

Video over Red Rock

Mike Barry took Norbert to the park today –   More photos and videos by Mike Barry can be found on LynnHappens and on his website. Here’s a few stills from the video: