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Message in a lobby

I’ve grown accustomed to finding these anonymous messages throughout Lynn. Finding one in my lobby in Central Square this morning was a bit of a surprise, though. I still have no idea who is behind it. I don’t think it’s someone in my building. It’s more likely someone who knows someone in my building. The…

In a City Hall Stairwell

Your LynnHappens editor truly has no idea who is behind these signs popping up everywhere, or if this is even connected to the others. It’s a different font, and not really the same style. This one honors the late Richard Viger. Local coupons from Money Mailer!

Another one of these…

Various sayings and snippets of poetry have been popping up all over. Here’s another, spotted this evening on Lynn Shore Drive. It was a good evening to be on Lynn Shore Drive – mind the low quality camera phone shot:   Take a look at this one, posted May 5. If you spot any, please…

So long, Pepto-pink!

The commuter rail overpasses downtown are receiving a new coat of paint.   Centerboard is raising funds through kickstarter for another round of enlarged photos on this wall. The utility boxes, painted by RAW Art Works’ Good 2 Go Crew, stand out more. An earlier photo.   Local coupons from Money Mailer!

Something Wonderful!

A new shop is opening near the Capitol Diner on Union Street, by Central Square. It is a sci-fi reference? Is “Something Wonderful!” the name of the shop? Will it be wonderful? Right now, we can just wonder.   Local coupons from Money Mailer!