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Did you die of dysentery on the Lynnway?

If you’re of a certain age, seeing this sign on the Lynnway likely brought back memories of elementary or middle school computer labs, and teachers who thought spending all that time playing Oregon Trail would either teach us something about history or qualify us as computer whizzes. This is mainly because we knew how to put the…

Inside Prime Opens (photos + sound)

Your can see the exhibit during regular hours in the LynnArts building at 25 Exchange Street or by appointment. Inside Prime: Behind the Signs is a selection of photographs taken by participants during a behind the scenes tour of the Prime Building held in March 2014. The Prime Building, a signature structure in the district,…

Secret Poet Strikes LynnHappens Again

Happens-quarters in Central Square received another gift today. Your editor left the contents intact so that someone else may discover the messages. This phenomenon in Lynn has been picked up recently by North Shore Art Throb, the Item, Poets & Writers (National), and CBS Boston/WBZ (story and audio).     Local coupons from Money Mailer!

Two more…

BlackKat Photos found two more of these now ubiquitous posters and grabbed these phone shots today. Thanks for sharing! This one’s on an a/c unit outside Fran’s place.   On a wall near the Item.   Local coupons from Money Mailer!

In a City Hall Stairwell

Your LynnHappens editor truly has no idea who is behind these signs popping up everywhere, or if this is even connected to the others. It’s a different font, and not really the same style. This one honors the late Richard Viger. Local coupons from Money Mailer!