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It’s not just West Lynn

More photos from Ruben Holguin show us construction debris by Rockaway and serious ponding on Chestnut street. (Bobcat) Goldthwait Street is bad, too. According to Tia Cole, it’s always bad. Video via Kelsey Brogley on FB. Local coupons from Money Mailer!

Pizza Raft in Barry Park

The City of Lynn knows how to ride out a storm – floating away on a pizza in Lynn’s flooded Barry Park


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Munroe Street Flooded – again

Yanga Lennyalvarezguity, who reported on Munroe Street flooding the last time it happened, is back with another a video. Here’s another from Peter Cipriano: Photos by Steve Mahoney: Photo by Peter Cipriano: Flood-prone parts of west Lynn are also to be avoided. That goes without saying… Local coupons from Money Mailer!

Beyond Walls 2018 Underway

8/9/18 Not all walls can be in every post. Stay tuned for more! Links to more photos, 2018 artists list, map and more are below the photos – keep scrolling. Beyond Walls welcomed artists to a Nest Forward sponsored dinner Monday night at the Capitol Diner, with food from Nightshade Pop ups, brews from sponsors Bent…

Downtown Lynn at Night Time Lapse

Photographer Isaac S @d1224m takes us on a time lapse tour of downtown Lynn at night, making trips through the Beyond Walls underpass lighting and one to see High Rock Tower’s light show, installed by Centerboard and Retonica Lighting:


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LCTV Wins ACM Hometown Media Award for Beyond Walls Coverage

7/12/18 LCTV (Lynn Community Television) received the Alliance for Community Media‘s Hometown Media Award in Baltimore tonight for their video coverage of last year’s Beyond Walls mural festival. The following photos sent moments ago from Baltimore, MD: The video that won the award!   Editing: David Riley Jr. Filmed by David Riley Jr., Tech Co-op…